There is more to the financial markets than meets the eye. What makes markets rise? What makes them suddenly sell off? Why so volatile? I am of the opinion that the ever-changing positions of the planets in our cosmos affect our emotions are thereby the markets.

I am also of the opinion that the markets might sometimes be manipulated by powerful interests at certain planetary alignments and at certain astrological events like Retrogrades and Conjunctions.

Financial Astrology, popular and generally accepted in the 1920s and 1930s, has since been suppressed by academics and CFA-touting money managers espousing modern portfolio theory. The main-stream media and advertising industry have also been complicit.

I have found over the past several years that some people who subscribe to my e-Alert newsletter end up getting frustrated because they are still trying to learn about Financial Astrology while reading a newsletter that assumes an already general working knowledge of the subject. This is the reason I created the 3-part series called Principia Astrologia de Financial.

Purchasers of this 3-part series of learning courses can proceed at their own pace doing the suggested practical exercises and looking up the suggested astrology data on-line or in their Ephemeris Tables.

When I first contemplated this learning material, I struggled as to how to present it to the public. A video session through an on-line meeting platform? A Skype session? Then it occurred to me – why not create physical books through Amazon and e-Books through Kindle. That way, people can work away at mastering the material at their own pace at their leisure.

The material contained in Course 1, Course 2 and Course 3 of Principia Astrologia de Financial will show you the principles behind Financial Astrology and provide you with the skills you need to gain an edge in today’s turbulent markets. After mastering this easy-to-understand material, your paradigm view of the financial markets will forever be altered. Your enthusiasm for trading and investing will be renewed and taken to new heights. You will relish the chance to play in the markets using the same rules as used by the big boys behind the curtain on Wall Street.

You can find Course 1 at this link:

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If you are an eBook reader, these Courses are available for download at KINDLE.

As you read and learn, just remember I am only an email away. I am here to help you. Feel free to contact me.