The financial markets are dynamic entities that reflect the mass psychology of traders and investors. This psychology is influenced by events in the cosmos.

Ever since the founding of the New York Stock Exchange in 1792, sophisticated traders and elite financial institutions have been quietly using esoteric math, astronomy and quantum physics to make astute financial decisions.

This website is your guide to their methods.



Astrology E-Alert Newsletter

Many traders and investors use technical chart indicators to watch for buy and sell entry points on stocks, commodity futures and market indices. Moving averages, stochastics and oscillators are all powerful tools in their own right.

But… what if you had an additional set of tools that served to compliment your technical chart indicators ? This is where Astrology and esoteric math come in to the picture. In the early part of the 20th century, many highly successful traders (including W.D. Gann) used Astrology and esoteric math to assist them with their trading. Sadly, over the past few decades these powerful techniques  have been shoved aside and the talking heads on the various financial media channels have come to dominate the decision making of many traders and investors.

The Astrology E-Alert newsletter was created in 2013 to provide valuable information to traders and investors around the globe seeking to incorporate Astrology and esoteric math into their trading and investing decision making process.

Each E-Alert newsletter will examine selected stocks, commodities and indices using Astrology and esoteric math. Subscribers are always welcome to submit a request to have a particular stock, commodity or index studied and profiled.  Over time, it is hoped that subscribers will glean sufficient knowledge from having read successive E-Alerts so as to begin using Astrology and esoteric math for all their investment decisions.

The Astrology E-Alert uses the McWhirter methodology first pioneered in 1937 by a mysterious character calling herself Louise McWhiter. This method was powerful in 1937 and remains so today and it involves studying the position of the New Moon relative to the other planets to gain insight into what the lunar cycle has in store for the New York Stock Exchange.

In addition, techniques like planetary cycles, Retrograde events, Fibonacci Lunar Counts, Hebrew Calendar key dates, Shmitah Years are used to assist subscribers in identifying key time frames for trend changes on market indices and commodity futures.

Gann fan lines are used as well, calculated based on his Square of Nine methodology.

But, perhaps the most powerful mathematical tool that subscribers will be introduced to is the Quantum Price Line – a slight modification to the Gann Wheel of 24 methodology and his Planetary Transit lines. So very often, Quantum Lines align to points of price trend reversal.


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Each Astrology E-Alert will be emailed to you in PDF format.

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