InvestingSuccess is the creation of Malcolm Bucholtz of Regina, Saskatchewan. I am a graduate of Queen’s University (Metallurgical Engineering, 1986) and the Edinburgh School of Business (MBA, 2000). I spent 5 years with a leading independent Canadian brokerage firm as a Commodity Trader and Investment Advisor. It was while in this role that the power of esoteric/Gann mathematics and Astrology was first realized.


In fact, in 2003, shortly after becoming an Investment Advisor I took the step of becoming a Freemason and joined St. Andrew’s Lodge in Regina,Saskatchewan. Soon thereafter, I learned that the famous trader from the 1920s and 1930s, W.D. Gann, had also been a Mason. In Masonry, we are encouraged to give study to the arts of Mathematics, Geometry and even Astrology. In my travels I have devoured all that I could find pertaining to Gann, Geometry and Astrology. Over time, the principles of Mathematics, Geometry and Astrology that govern our Universe have become clear to me.


These are the same principles that ancient civilizations before us (ie the Egyptians, the Sumerians, the Babylonians) also understood. The world around us moves in patterns and cycles. Problem is, we are all so busy in our crazy world running here and there and everywhere that we fail to notice. Likewise, the planets in the solar system are constantly in orbital motion around the Sun. This Heliocentricity lies at the very core of Masonry and Gann well understood the motions of the planets. Today, we are so busy in our half-crazed world that we have lost sight of the fact that the planets affect our emotions. The financial markets are nothing more than a gigantic exercise in emotion. Fear and hope are the two primary emotions that govern the buying and selling activity on all global markets.


Here at InvestingSuccess all I try to do is help people understand the patterns of nature and science in the context of the financial markets. I am not practicing some deep dark science. I do not have a Oiuja Board and a crystal ball on my desk. Instead I have a simple calculator and a table of Planetary Motion. That’s it – nothing more, nothing less.

As you continue to come back to this site to read my thoughts and insights, I hope you will give some thought to slowing your world down. Take the time to contemplate the bigger picture. Read all you can about Mathematics and Geometry. Read all you can about Astrology. Do this and you will find that your trading and investing takes on a whole new dimension.