Each year we all celebrate our Solar Return date. Some of us celebrate quietly with family and friends while others go to extra lengths with a party, cake and presents.

Sound familiar?

Indeed it should, for our annual Solar Return is our Birthday. The date when the Sun is again at the same position of the zodiac it was at when we were born.

The positioning of the planets at the time of our annual Solar Return can play an important role in the type of events we can expect to experience in the ensuing 12 months.

For several decades now, an Italian psychologist named Ciro Discpolo has been studying Solar Returns with his clients. Likewise, American psychologist Mary Fortier has been studying Solar Returns with her clients. Both these practitioners have carefully documented their clients ups, downs, trials and tribulations. They have been able to draw inferences between the position of the planets at the Solar Return date and the type of year people can expect following their Birthday (Solar Return).

Depending on where we geographically choose to be on our Solar Return date, the position of the Ascendant and the position of the Houses in the zodiac will vary. By altering the location in the world where we celebrate our Solar Return, we can slightly shift the House position of the various planets and thereby influence the type of year we can expect to have.

My wife and I have personally been practicing the art of selecting a suitable geographical location for our Solar Returns for several years and I can personally attest – it works!

While the focus of this website is primarily financial astrology, I have become so fascinated with both Fortier’s and Discepolo’s work that I am now pleased to offer visitors to this site an opportunity to have their Solar Return analysed.

Consider the following example – a 50 year old lady who is an author came to me to have her Solar Return analysed. By placing her in Hawaii for her Solar Return, her planetary placements using Discepolo’s technique suggested she would write yet another book, but it would be of a genre very different from what she normally undertakes. When I last checked in with her, she told me she enjoyed spending her Solar Return in Hawaii and she is now back home happily busy penning her first ever mystery novel!


Consider also this example – a 48 year old lady had me calculate her Solar Return prognosis for her birthday which was celebrated 6 months ago, in late 2012. Her analysis using the Discpolo technique indicated she would expend energy in the coming year on matters related to real estate and finding a new home. She would also expend energy to bring unique ideas into a University type setting. I was pleased to recently learn she is about to leave for another city where she has just accepted an academic teaching position! 

In order for me to calculate and analyse your Solar Return, I will require your date of birth, your location of birth and your time of birth. With these three variables, I will calculate for you up to 3 different scenarios based on 3 different global locations where you may wish to spend your Solar Return. After considering these 3 different scenarios, you can decide where you would like to be for your next Solar Return. A quick note on birth time – many jurisdictions record a child’s time of birth and make note of it on the birth certificate. If you were born in a location where this type of record keeping did not occur, make it a point to talk to your relatives to see if they can recollect what time you were born.

The work required to complete this task for you is not easy and requires a fair bit of time on my part. Hence, there is a fee of $49 Canadian dollars involved for having me do this work.  

The following secure PayPal link will allow you to make payment. Once you have completed the PayPal task, I then ask that you email me at supercyclereport@gmail.com advising me of your birthdate, birth location and birth time. Please be assured, these vital bits of information will never be shared with anyone else. Once I have compiled my calculations, I will send them to you via email.