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At the core of esoteric mathematics lies the concept of "phi", also called the Golden Mean.


Consider the following diagram of a line segment. There is one unique point along this segment where the ratio of A to B is the same as the ratio of B to C. At this unique point, the ratio of A to B and B to C is 1.618. This unique number is called 'phi" (so named after the 5th century Greek sculptor Phidas).


"phi" forms the basis for many dimensional proportions in art and architecture, for many phenomenon in science and for observations across the financial markets.


If you have ever applied Elliott Wave principles or Fibonacci retracements and extensions to your study of stock charts, you have been using the concept of "phi".


At InvestingSuccess, I routinely incorporate "phi" and its various ratios into the analysis and advice that I offer.







Square Root Math


The concept of the Square Root was recognized by ancient societies dating back to the Greeks and Hindus. From a significant low or high, Square Root Math can be used to predict future levels of support and resistance on a stock chart. W.D. Gann popularized this approach in the 1930s with the Square of Nine.


At InvestingSuccess, I routinely incorporate Square Root Math into the analysis and advice that I offer.




Esoteric Charting


Esoteric charting can allow a trader or investor to examine price action in a very different light.


Following the example you see below, construct a box wide enough to accommodate 52 weekly price bars.


Using a starting point of the Spring Equinox, add your weekly price bars to the box.


Once you have plotted some data, stop and observe the harmony and beauty of it all. Notice how price action finds support and resistance along the various lines that criss-cross the graph. Notice also how the solstice and equinox dates also quite often align to interesting inflection points in price.


This charting method was used extensively by WD Gann as he traded his way to success on the markets in the 1920s and 1930s. At InvestingSuccess, I routinely incorporate this type of charting into the analysis and advice that I offer.

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