The astrological aspects and events that can present traders and investors with buying and selling opportunities are many and varied. Keeping track of these occurrences can be time consuming indeed. This Almanac will help traders and investors keep track of these various astrological events. For each month in 2017, this Almanac will show you the key dates to watch for on the Dow Jones Average. The US equity markets are the cornerstone of the global financial system. Significant key dates that influence the Dow will also bear heavily on other global equity indices. These key dates have been determined using the exact same methodology as used by W.D. Gann, Louise McWhirter, Donald Bradley and other notable astrologers. In addition, this Almanac will present you with valuable information on the astrology of selected commodity futures contracts as well as valuable information on Oreste harmonic lines – a uniquely powerful method pioneered by Italian mathematician Fabio Oreste. This Almanac is a lot of material packed into a small publication. If you are serious about getting an edge in the markets, this Almanac is a must have.

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